Friday, August 31, 2007

Literacy Campaign

EUREKA!!!! I finally get why this happens! We teach our kids to do it as part of their summer reading program. Maybe it's an intimidation thing. Maybe an uppercase "I" in and around those other uppercase letters would scare little kids.



apostrophism said...

If I saw that sign in person, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to control the urge to grab a pen and turn that "i" into an "I."

BobH said...

Not just a sign, but an entire campaign using this as the logo. It's one thing to try to be artsy and fun, but the bar needs to be higher when it's part of a library/reading campaign...

dguzman said...

How frightening. What next?

Learnin' You to REaD
BooKs is Fun

Obviously, the illiteracy goes back two generations--not only the target audience of kids, but the adult(s) who came up with this sign.