Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Clean Shirts "r" Us

Here's a garden-variety example of the affliction. The part that leaves me in stunned amazement is that these bad "i"s are obviously hand made. The owner the sign must look down at their lettering kit and mumble: "Those idiots. They didn't put any "i"s in here. Guess I'll just make one."

It follows that the thing that comes between the "H" and the "K" is a lOWERCASE L in their minds.

I'm still a little curious about the actual manufacture of the dotted "i" though. Do you use scissors? Tape? Do you have to go to the store for clear cellophane?


Erik said...

Aren't they just the exclamation points used upside-down?

BobH said...

Yes! Excellent!!