Monday, September 17, 2007

First Anniversary Fish?

Stephanie noticed something fishy about the new Chet's sign we saw the other day. She thinks maybe the first anniversary for a fish and chips plate might be a little ... foul?

Anyway, Chet returns with a vengeance. The "i" in ANNiVERSARY is new, and better made than the older "i"s in FiSH and CHiPS.

Quoth Steph:

"Can't be sure if Chet's does have either those customer or co-workers. But one thing is certain, they continue to have appalling letter casing skills. This tempting one takes the Tittle Trifecta Trophy...
And what does 'first anniversary fish and chips' mean anyway? Can't be good...
Think they'd find the humor if we suggested that the eatery be re-written as CHET'S DiNER???"

True that.