Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh, it's a just drop of milk!!

See, to me it looks suspiciously like that drop of milk is NOT random. Far from it in fact. It's screaming like a little beacon to all who value ending the corruption of young minds...

This sort of brings me to an interesting point: Stephanie thinks I'm getting a tad carried away with this. She has worked with small children for many years, and doesn't think this is nearly the big deal that I make it. I suspect something very different is going on.

She's a plant.

She's marrying me to try to stop my crusade. My message: Honey, I love you, but it's NOT GONNA WORK!!!

Thanks to William for signing up to the cause. He adds "The only thing more upsetting than this sad little tittle is the contents of something called a "Milk Smoothie"."

Yah, I'm not exactly dying for one either, are you? And then, if you look closely, the flavor is peach and canteloupe. Yum. The word "rancid" comes to mind. As in: "How can I curdle this milk? I know, I'll add some peach and canteloupe...."

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Rimpy said...

I notice it seems to say "skin milk smoothies", so I think you're supposed to spread it on your body, not drink it.